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To expose a photograph correctly means – in simple terms – to create an image that looks how you want it to look, either on screen or in print. It means taking a photograph that people can recognize, understand – and enjoy. A photograph’s exposure affects how it looks; its shape, form, texture, and colour. All vital parts of taking an image that people can appreciate, without saying, “It’s lovely. But what is it?”. Like many elements of photography, exposure is a matter of personal taste and of opinion. And there can be more than one way to expose an image correctly. Your role, as a photographer, is to decide what works best for you. Get your exposure completely wrong and your photograph won’t work at all – it will either be too light, or too dark. Get it right, and you’ll create a beautiful image with a finish you can be proud of. Over-exposure means that your image will be too light and ‘washed out’ – and your subject won’t be visible for white glare. Under-exposure means your image will be too dark – and your subject will be hidden away and invisible in the shadows. So, what is this mystical thing called ‘correct’ exposure – and how can you create it for yourself? Correct exposure relies on three key elements – and on the vital connection between them. One of the principles of photography is that you can’t change one of these elements, without it affecting the other two. ISO, Aperture & Shutter speed

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