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1. What level of photography do I need to have?
    As the programme is completely bespoke you can be anywhere from a complete beginner to an advanced photographer wishing

    to turn professional.

2. What equipment do I need to participate?
    The programme is aimed at any level of photography and we will discuss your equipment as part of the programme, but you will

    need a decent Digital SLR camera, with lenses that cover the 18mm to 200mm focal lengths. You will also need a good

    sturdy tripod, a cable release, some ND and grad filters and an internet linked computer at your regular disposal equipped with

    Lightroom, any Photoshop CS software and a Skype contact.


3. Will I have to buy more equipment once the program starts?
    Not necessarily. There may be certain items I suggest may suit your particular needs 
but these will only be suggestions.

4. What all topics are covered in the program?    

     All most every thing right from photographing natural light architecture to studio photography & Basic Photoshop and Lightroom

     depending on what course you take . I believe that once you have learned to harness the light in different

     conditions, you will be able to shoot almost anything. In photography basic understanding of the light and it's relation with

     camera is crucial to anytype of photography. Rest is to your preference which kind of photography inspires you.

5. How much time will I need to commit to the programme once it starts?

    This is completely down to you. You decide how long you would initially like the program to be based on your budget and/or

     requirements, but during that period  you put in as much or as little as you are able. As with most forms of learning, the more

     you put in the more you get back but the structure is very much down to you and this will be discussed during our first

     telephone call or meeting with you. As a rough guide you should allow 8-10 Classes a month.

6. Supposing the unforeseen happens and I can’t complete the programme?

    Life is what happens to your plans and sometimes things get in the way – if you have a genuine reason for having to stop then we

    can look at rescheduling your programme.

7. Can i learn Online ?

    Yes you can learn online provided you can connect with me on skype. Practicals in studio have to be attanded as they are the

    most important part of my program. 

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